Sunday, 7 June 2009

Eco shed nears completion...

It's almost a year to the day since I ordered my shed from the Llangollen garden show. Last weekend I finished making this workbench. I made it from FSC approved timber bought from just down the road, and cut and drilled everything using the renewable energy provided by the windmill and the solar panel.

A year since it began, my eco-shed project is almost complete. Fitting the solar panel has made a huge impact on the usefulness of the shed. We charge loads of stuff up there and now it's kitted out for woodwork. With a ton of summer projects ahead it'll be a great place to work, and I'll be able to feel very worthy as I drill, emission-free.

So what's left to do? Well definitely I need some guttering to collect the rainwater that's bouncing of the roof, and as we're in north Wales, that's a lot of water. And finally maybe some heating, although I'm hoping the summer bucks up enough for me not to have to worry about that for a bit.


landcuckoo said...

Fantastic news on your shed, I think it is a great achievement. Just caught up on your past years work and have bookmarked some of those websites for solar panels and wind turbines for consideration when it comes to building my workshop later this year.

With regards to your slugs - you could try these along with the coffee:
A soot and wood ash mix is a total turn off for slugs, they like bran scattered around a crop, after eating it they die off quickly.
Put empty halves of squeezed oranges face down where you have planted seedlings, the slugs will collect under them and can be easily removed the next day.
Get some toads in the garden!

I hope you win your battle with them! And continued success with your shed, all the best,

eag said...

Very nice,can almost smell that fresh wood smell along with the soundness of it all.Good work!!