Sunday, 9 November 2008

When the wind blows... makes you feel good when you've got a windcharger! Feels like you're getting something for nothing. Even if it did take a few hundred quid to set up.

A 2 week 'wind credit crunch' finally ended this weekend with huge gale removing tons of leaves and the last few bird-pecked apples from the trees, next door's laundry from the line and started topping up my scarily flat battery. Seems to be recovering slowly.

I haven't been up there much this weekend what with one thing and another. Next week I want to finish making my folding wall-mounted table which I'm making from chucked-out headboards and maybe start making this years Christmas cards, which I'll be printing out up there too I hope.

Well the weather forecast points to a lovely windy week ahead. Suits me! Could do with a bit less rain though...

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